[OpenAFS] Failing KDC connect on Windows XP during startup.

Ken Aaker kenaaker@silverbacksystems.com
Wed, 06 Sep 2006 11:07:58 -0500

This is Openafs 1.4.1 for Windows, with integrated login turned on.

I've been seeing an annoying behavior that seems to be related to a slow
network connection start when I'm using a wireless connection from a laptop.

If I turn on the laptop, then try to login shortly after the user login
screen appears, I'll almost always get a message about not being able to
resolve any KDC in the realm. Then, some seconds later, I'll get the afs
client window, prompting for userid and password.  If I wait for 30
seconds or so, then I'll get tickets and tokens without any problem.

I looked at the services dependency stuff in the computer management
dialogs, everything that's there seems to make sense. I haven't changed
anything. This occurs on two different laptops, both running 1.4.1.


Ken Aaker