Searching for Testers was Re: [OpenAFS] OpenAFS site not geared for beginners...

Dr. Istvan-Tibor Nebel
Thu, 07 Sep 2006 12:58:40 +0200

Hi Jeffrey,

I have tested the OpenAFSforWindows-1-4-2-rc3 on WinXP SP2 with all
current MS-Updates and no problems are occured, such as
a) simultaneous storing from ms-office-applications (last problem: fast
saving and background saving from more than one ms-office application at
the same time)
b) storing of larger files (3 GB)
c) integrated login


Thanks and best wishes
Tibor Nebel

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Jeffrey Altman wrote:
>> The true problem was evaluating paths that terminated with
>> the "." component.  This is now fixed in the source tree.
>>   DELTA windows-dot-dir-20060906
> This fix is now available in both 1.4.2fc3 (1-4-2-rc3) and 1.5.8.
> Jeffrey Altman