[OpenAFS] 1.5.008 win report

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Thu, 07 Sep 2006 16:00:08 +0200

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Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Lars:
> Was 1.5.0003 installed using the MSI or the EXE?  My guess is that
> it was the EXE because of the would you like to keep the previous
> configuration prompt, but I need to be sure so I can attempt to reprodu=

That=B4s kinda problematic. I really don=B4t know which one I installed.
I assume the .msi, but it could also be the .exe - sorry.

> Freelance mode does not use the 'root.afs' volume in your cell.
> It creates the mount points on the fly based upon the cell information
> found either in the CellServDB file or DNS.  If your cell information
> is not in either, then you will experience a long timeout and then
> nothing as the the cell cannot be found.
> Instead of turning off Freelance mode you could have updated the
> CellServDB file.  I am concerned that the MSI installer overwrote
> an existing CellServDB file.

Our cell was in the cellservdb file before remove/install OpenAFS.
I think the install overwrote the CellServDB file.

> While I am happy to hear that 1.5.8 is using less memory, I am a
> bit surprised as I do not remember fixing anything that was associated
> with a memory leak.  If there is a memory leak it is probably in a
> code path that is not well tested by the stress test.

I just can tell my experienced the last few days, before unpacking that
rar files I never had some "slow reactions" on my laptop, so I had a look.
But I remember that some kind of memory leak was closed in OpenAFS from
.007 to .008, IIRC.

> Thanks for the report.
> Jeffrey Altman

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