[OpenAFS] Adding Additional Fileserver to Cell

Mike Bydalek mbydalek@contentconnections.com
Fri, 8 Sep 2006 11:02:21 -0700

Hi everyone.

I'm trying to setup a testbed network with a couple AFS servers using
KRB5 and documenting everything as I go (part of our DR plan).  Anyways,
I currently have 2 Ubuntu servers with the OpenAFS 1.4.1-2 deb packages
installed, but I am struggling in setting up a fileserver to expand my
testcell on a the second system.

I did some searching around, and tried to execute the same steps as
setting up the first AFS server, minus creating the root.afs and
root.cell volumes, but I'm not getting too far.  Does anyone have any
instructions on how to expand an AFS cell?  Google'ing around didn't
really get me too far except for setting up first time cells.

Here's basically what I have done on the second system:
-Added the second system to the CellServDB
-Ran asetkey add
-Started bosserver -noauth
-Ran bos create <secondserver> -instance fs -type fs -cmd
fileserver/volserver/salvager ...
-Created /vicepa
-Mounted an ext2 partition to /vicepa
-Restarted bos
-Ran vos syncvldb and vos syncserv
-Ran vos create -server <secondserver> -partition /vicepa -name
root.mars cellname -noauth <--- This threw errors, but I can't paste
them as I accidentally closed the terminal

At this point, nothing was showing up when I did a vos listvol
<secondserver> except:
Total number of volumes on server mars.testbed.lan partition /vicepa: 0

But when I tried to re-execute the vos create, it said that root.mars
already existed.

I know I missed some things or maybe did some things out of order, but
at this point I'm pretty stuck.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!