[OpenAFS] Guide to tweaking fileserver parameters?

Jakub Witkowski jpw@wszib.edu.pl
Mon, 11 Sep 2006 10:29:21 +0200

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In one of recent posts on this list, I found a magical parameter list to
optimize performance of the file server for  'modern systems'. The magic
suggested is copied below for reference:

     -p 23 -busyat 600 -rxpck 400 -s 1200 -l 1200 -cb 65535 -b 240 -vc

While running /usr/lib/openafs/fileserver -help suggested some meaning
of the parameters listed above, it did not provide enough information to
allow more conscious adjustment of server settings.

Since machines I am using as file servers have quite different hardware
configurations, I am somewhat reluctant to replace a built-in default
with another, 'magical' setting, without actually understanding what it
does change.

Therefore, I'd like to ask you for any pointers why the above values
were chosen, and what kind of hardware they are optimized for?

Thank you,

Jakub Witkowski,
Unix Systems Administrator,=20
Wy=C5=BCsza Szko=C5=82a Zarz=C4=85dzania i Bankowo=C5=9Bci w Krakowie.

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