[OpenAFS] Re: help, salvaged volume won't come back online, is it corrupt? [trimmed log]

Adam Megacz megacz@cs.berkeley.edu
Tue, 12 Sep 2006 22:18:12 -0700

John Koyle <jkoyle@koyle.org> writes:
> it to no avail.  I would suggest a couple of things.  First do a vos
> dump so you can at least get back to the same state you're in.

Ok, I've done a 'tar cvzf' of /vicepa (I'm using the inode fileserver)
so I can afford to experiment a bit.

Derrick J Brashear <shadow@dementia.org> writes:
> the 1.4.2-fc3 salvager is more likely to be helpful.

Ok, I'll try it.

  - a