[OpenAFS] Re: help, salvaged volume won't come back online, is it corrupt? [trimmed log]

Marcus Watts mdw@umich.edu
Wed, 13 Sep 2006 03:38:12 -0400

Adam Megacz <megacz@cs.berkeley.edu> writes:
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> John Koyle <jkoyle@koyle.org> writes:
> > That's the problem I'm having and it appears to be due to the root
> > vnode being missing or corrupt.  Apparantly the bos salvager cannot
> > fix this problem.  From the research I've done, it doesn't appear to
> > be possible (not easily anyway).
> Even if the root vnode is missing, I'd be quite happy with it
> reattaching whatever vnodes are floating around to some "bit bucket"
> directory the way ext2 puts stuff in lost+found.  Or even just dumping
> every *file* to a flat directory full of files I can grep through to
> find the handful that I need.
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Uh -- I wouldn't swear to it, but, yes, lost+found has existed
since 7th edition Unix.  And, at least as late as some flavor
of sunos, if you roached the root inode, you were still SOL.
I remember a fairly gruesome experience once where I ran
newfs on a scratch partition of the same size and copied over
the first bit of data merely in order to get the root inode back.
I don't recommend this particular form of data recovery.
I'm actually hoping this was just a bad dream.  I also remember
piecing back together a large /etc/passwd+/etc/shadow pair of files
that somebody accidently rm'd.  That was painful too.
And then there was the disk controller which had an off-by
one half track write error, on hot days in the sun...
You know, you're bringing back some really bad memories...

How would you manage acl's in an AFS lost+found ?
Keep in mind that in a large environment, you do not want
your AFS administrators to be in the business of doing
fine grained data management.

You might want to try these 2 tools:
These will crawl through the local storage directly,
with some understanding of afs semantics.  volinfo will
print out what it finds; voldump will attempt to produce
a vos dump.  Assuming the latter actually contains interesting
contents (without the root vnode, I wouldn't count on this),
you may be able to use afs tools to munge your vos dump.
If you're really clever, you may be able to fabricate
a new root vnode and splice it into your afs dump,
although I would count this a fairly desperate measure.