[OpenAFS] problem installing 1.4.2fc3

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Sun, 17 Sep 2006 13:07:34 +0200

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Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> It would have been helpful if you had debugged it when it wasn't workin=
> so that you could have identified what had not been installed properly.
> The first thing to look at would have been the %TEMP%\afsd_init.log fil=
> where %TEMP% is the environment variable of the SYSTEM not the current
> user.  The file will contain any startup errors that afsd_service.exe
> encountered.
> If the file doesn't exist it means that afsd_service.exe is not startin=
> at all.  If not, it may be a problem finding its libraries.  Check the
> PATH to see if \program files\openafs\client\program and \program
> files\openafs\common are both listed.
> If they are try running afsd_service.exe at the command prompt.  You
> should get an error informing you which library could not be found.

Ok, another machine, another 1.4.2fc3 install.
this time it is windows 2003 server, I uninstalled OpenAFS 1.4.007
within th windows "add or remove Software" window. Rebooted and
installed OpenAFS for windows 1.4.2fc3 MSI package. And yes, I selected
custom install, selected crypt security on, the other three off. And I
selected the cell to "cgv.tugraz.at".
After Install I rebooted.
Now the OpenAFS won=B4t startup again.
The afsd_init.log tells me: "Can=B4t find root cell in afsdcell_ini".
So I think: I gave the package my cell name but without the lookup in
DNS the OpenAFS don=B4t know my servers...
So another entry is needed in the "custom install options" to set at
least on database server!

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