[OpenAFS] bosserver and authentication problems (noauth)

ragnot@web.de ragnot@web.de
Mon, 18 Sep 2006 14:19:15 +0200

Hello list,

at the moment i am trying to get afs working on sles9. I am building it fr=
om source, which works fine unitl i want to start the bosserver.

If i start the server with
# bosserver -noauth &
I don't get any error message, but "ps ax" does not show a bosserver proce=
ss running.

If i start it with
# bosserver -auditlog /var/log/afs.log -syslog=3Dlocal1 -noauth
bosserver is running and logging to /var/log/afs.log and /var/log/messages=
 (local1). It seems that the syslog switch is required, when i leave it, n=
o bosserver process is running after executing the command.

Then bosserver seems to be running correctly, but i can't do any administr=
ative tasks. I always get a "you are not authorized for this operation".=20

# linux:/usr/local/etc/openafs/server # bos setcellname -server linux.my.d=
omain -name my.domain -noauth
# bos: failed to set cell (you are not authorized for this operation)

Even when i start the bosserver with the "-noauth" switch, there seems to =
be authorization required.

The commands "bos listhosts localhost" works correctly.
The command "bos status gallien-164 -noauth" gives nor error message and h=
as no output.

Any hints or ideas what i can do=3F


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