[OpenAFS] disaster recovery

Hartmut Reuter reuter@rzg.mpg.de
Wed, 20 Sep 2006 09:05:46 +0200

Dimitris Zilaskos wrote:
>     Hi,
>     One 1.3.87 linux fileserver died today. After a reboot, the 
> filesystem check on vicepa spitted out numerous errors, it "fixed" them 
> filling lost+found with data, and then after salavage I ended up with 
> half the volumes missing or corrupted.
>     I had one backup a few  days old which I used to restore the 
> volumes.  I also have a copy of the /vicepa contents from yesterday, 
> when the server started to behave strangely. Is there a way to use the 
> /vicepa contents in order to  access certain files/directories? 
> Unfortunately I do not have a copy of the db files.

The db-files do not matter.

If you have a copy of your /vicepa with correct modebits, ownership,
and group settings for the files you may use this instead of your old 

It is possible tar/untar vicep-partitions and to use them after that 
again. If you do that on another fileserver you should stop the 
corrupted one, start the new one and do a "vos syncvldb <newserver>" in 
order to update the volume location database. This will overwrite the 
location of each volume found on the new server. If this doesn't work 
try "vos syncserv <newserver>" (I never understood which one of those 
does what, but one of them does the job).

You need then probably a "fs checkvol" on the client that he gets the 
new location.

You should also think about having RO-volumes of your RW-volumes on 
other servers in the future. Then you easily can do a "vos convertROtoRW 
..." to get again working cell.

Good luck!

>     Cheers,
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