[OpenAFS] AFS loopback adapter and DNS registration

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen@acm.org
Wed, 20 Sep 2006 18:32:06 -0500

Jeffrey Altman <jaltman@secure-endpoints.com> wrote:
> Christopher D. Clausen wrote:
>> Is there a way to prevent the loopback adapter IP from being
>> registered with the computer's account in Active Directory *by
>> default*?  Its really annoying b/c trying to contact it though the
>> loopback IP usually results in a connection to the local machine,
>> assuming that machine also has AFS installed.
> Chris filed bug 40291 and a corresponding change is now available in
> the source tree
>  DELTA windows-loopback-install-20060919

This appears to work just fine on three or so Windows 2003 systems I 
tested so far.

Thank You!