[OpenAFS] disaster recovery

Dimitris Zilaskos dzila@tassadar.physics.auth.gr
Thu, 21 Sep 2006 17:45:47 +0300 (EEST)

> http://archiv.tu-chemnitz.de/pub/2003/0130/data/vol/start.htm
> I found it very helpful. It's in German, but perhaps someone can translate it 
> for you. With the information provided in the document, the tools mentioned 
> in the text, and some cautious looks at the openafs header files, I was able 
> to reconstruct some of the fragments in lost+found.

 	Thnx, I will try to find someone to help with this.

> For almost complete volumes structures (small and large vnode index files and 
> large vnodes must be available) I can provide you with a script that restores 
> the volume directory structure and files to another location in 'real' 
> filespace. Filenames are translated to the 'real' filenames. For corrupted or 
> missing files, you will get some informations and the names, so you can try 
> to find them in the remaining fragments. The script also has a 'dry run' 
> mode.

 	Please share it, thnx:)

> With the additional informations from your old ro volumes, you might be able 
> to reconstruct complete volumes. But it's tricky and you will need some time.
> The script and some of my other tools are a 'first try' and the comments are 
> german. I never had the time to rewrite the source. And I'm not a very 
> experienced programmer....

 	It's ok, at this moment I am not missing anything critical. 
However it should be a good drill for the future.


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