[OpenAFS] How do I print the list of user names

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
Sun, 24 Sep 2006 09:13:25 -0400

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I don't know what uss does, but I suspect the "full name" is stored in
an /etc/passwd-like database.  It's certainly not stored in OpenAFS anywhere.


Quoting Sanjay Dharmavaram <sd282@cornell.edu>:

> Hi Derek,
>  Thanks for responding. Let me rephrase my question. The accounts on 
> the server I administer was created using "uss add" command in which 
> there is an option of adding the "full name" of the user. Now, I want 
> to retrieve the "full name" corresponding to every login. How may I 
> do this?
> Thanks!
> Sanjay.
> Derek Atkins wrote:
>> Quoting Sanjay Dharmavaram <sd282@cornell.edu>:
>>> Hi,
>>>   What's the command in AFS to print out a list of user logins 
>>> along with their Names?
>>> Sanjay.
>> What do you mean, "print out a list of user logins"?  You mean like typing
>> "who" to see who's logged into the current machine?  What "list of 
>> user logins"
>> do you mean?
>> -derek

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