[OpenAFS] Solaris/SunOS 5.8 token sharing

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Wed, 27 Sep 2006 14:25:18 -0700

Mike Dopheide <dopheide@ncsa.uiuc.edu> writes:

> I don't believe this to be an OpenAFS issue, but I believe only AFS users
> might have seen the symptom.

> SunOS 5.8 (only)
> OpenAFS 1.2.13 or Transarc
> MIT Kerberos 1.3.6 or 1.4.3
> OpenSSH 3.9p1 or 4.2p1

> Building a new version of OpenSSH for 5.8 results in an sshd that ends
> up sharing AFS tokens between users.

Sounds like OpenSSH isn't creating a PAG properly.  Generally this is done
via PAM modules.  It's possible something changed about how OpenSSH called
PAM between those versions.

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