[OpenAFS] OpenAFS 1.4.2fc2 and Vanilla Linux kernel 2.6.18

FB fbo2@gmx.net
Thu, 28 Sep 2006 07:50:30 +0200


I installed a test machine using
   * Vanilla Linux kernel 2.6.18
   * OpenAFS 1.4.2rc2 (it's the latest debian package available)
   * Debian GNU/Linux Sid, latest updates
   * KDE 3.5.4

Compared to kernel 2.6.17 and OpenAFS 1.4.1 I found some differences:

1. df returns unusual values for the mounted AFS filesystem:

test@mekong:~ > df | grep AFS
AFS                          0         0         0   0% /afs

Is this intended? I know of at least one program which breaks when
the filesystem it writes into is "out of space" (according to statfs() ).

2. It's not possible to login on kdm (KDE's display manager) using PAGs.

I'm using pam-krb5 and pam-openafs-session (which just calls 'aklog
-setpag').  A quick workaround was to recompile pam-openafs-session with
the '-setpag'-option removed.

However, it's possible to login on the text console using the unpatched

Does anyone have an idea, where to look for the problem?