[OpenAFS] Initial fileserver setup fails

Dirk Heinrichs ext-dirk.heinrichs@nokia.com
Fri, 29 Sep 2006 08:00:23 +0200

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Am Donnerstag, 28. September 2006 23:40 schrieb ext Fabrice Toppi:

> I'm reading some howto's (mainly Gentoo-oriented), and I'm stuck when I
> have to create the fs instance (here:
> http://www.openafs.org/pages/doc/QuickStartUnix/auqbg002.htm#ToC_67).
> Sep 28 23:10:11 [bosserver] BNODE 'fs' repeatedly failed to start,
> perhaps missing executable._

Did you type the commands as listed in the document above, or as listed in=
the Gentoo-oriented HowTos? Can you post the complete command you used?

> And here is what "bos status afsone -long -noauth" tells me about
> fileserver (the other four ka,bu,pt and vlserver are running normally):

You don't normally need kaserver anymore. You should use Kerberos V instead=
(either Heimdahl or MIT, I use MIT).

>     Command 1 is '/usr/libexec/openafs/fileserver'
>     Command 2 is '/usr/libexec/openafs/volserver'
>     Command 3 is '/usr/libexec/openafs/salvager'

Looks like you typed the correct commands...

> The /vicepa directory exists, and an empty ext2 partition is mounted
> read/write with default options.

You mean "...is mounted on /vicepa.", right? Why are you using ext2? Since=
those partitions can be quite large, I'd go with a journaling fs. I've read=
somewhere (I think it was in slides from Alf Wachsman) that xfs would be a=
good choice with regard to performance. Personally, I use reiserfs.

> That OS is running as a guest in Vmware ESX, could it be related ?

Don't know.

> Kernel version is stock, OpenAFS is 1.4.2_rc4 (same for kernel
> module). Should I try some older stable release (1.4.1 ? maybe older ?).

I've running it on Gentoo with latest versions of both vanilla kernel and=20
openafs w/o probs.


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