[OpenAFS] libnss-ptdb

Adam Megacz megacz@cs.berkeley.edu
Sun, 01 Apr 2007 09:56:24 -0700

FB <fbo2@gmx.net> writes:
>    * Some multithreaded applications (i don't remember exactly which ones)
>      just didn't work with the thread model of Todd's module. AFAIK it had
>      something to do with pthread v.s lwp but I'm not a threading-expert.

Ok, I'm going to look into this.

>    * One of my cells contains a DB-Server which is off-by-default. Moving
>      the PTDB-Code to a daemon prevents timeouts while marking DB-servers
>      offline. This way I timeouts in any program accessing the
>      uid-name-resolution are replace by a single timeout at daemon-start.
>      -> A seriously wish, I had such a daemon for host-lookups, too...

I see.  I think nscd would achieve the same effect...

Also, while I'm hacking on this, two more questions:

 1. Does it make sense to map AFS group ids (with the sign reversed)
    onto GIDs?

 2. Previous suggestions about shells involved putting users into
    groups named after shells, such as

      pts add adam shell:bash

    But it seems that this wouldn't allow users to manage their own
    shells since shell:bash would belong to some administrative user.
    What about an alternative, where users would create a group

      pts cg adam:shell.bash

Davor Ocelic also had a neat suggestion about giving human-readable
names to PAG groups.

  - a

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