[OpenAFS] How to volunteer?

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Sat, 7 Apr 2007 17:10:05 -0700

There are a number of perl scripts that work on the IBM htm docs.

Most of the docs are in LaTex format on my ftp server. The perl scripts need
some improvement but the concept is sound.

The Quick Beginnings manual needs to have selectable target architectures so
one can emit a manual for the specific architecture in use.
The IBM docs are the best I've ever seen for software, they're indexed,
cross referenced, footnoted, cleverly indented and appendizied.

Good luck.


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There is nothing on the web site about how to volunteer for the openafs 

I sincerely think that OpenAfs rocks, but I worry about the vitality or 
the perceived vitality of the community. I think that the best way for 
me to fight that is to help make OpenAfs better.

I would like to help with documentation and writing of automated tests.

How can I contribute to the documentation? Where is the source? What is 
the preferred format?

Russ said in 
that the documentation needs to be converted to Pod/docbook. How can I help?

I would also like to start writing automated tests to help. I prefer 
Perl or Ruby. My C/C++ is rusty. How should I go about doing that?

I might possibly tackle a setup wizard or a vmware appliance after I 
work on the docs. Comments?

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