[OpenAFS] How to volunteer?

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xml is complete markup language.  the ibm html source was fairly
consistent in its usage so it was easy to identify the html'ized
conversions of the original source (probably script).

indexing (with the exception of the adminreference), table of contents
(generated automatically from section/appendix headers), appendices,
hyperlinks (pdf and html), notes, tables and font usage for command
syntax were preserved.  as i recall, the ibm documention wasnt
completely consistent with their font usage across all the documents.
this should be fixed.  footers and headers for the .html versions are
automatically generated.  the diagrams for the adminguide were extracted
and incorporated as well.

there were no footnotes to the best of my recollection.

In message <002f01c77ab4$e3e33a10$9501010a@attu1>,"ted creedon" writes:
>Indexing, table of contents, and appendicies, and hyperlinks to specific
>page numbers. How about the footnotes and the different fonts used? Is all
>this preserved?
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>the ibm html documentation has been converted to xml (the preferred
>format).  its in the cvs repository.  its a straight conversion with
>little editing so the documentation still says 'AFS 3.6'.  i didnt
>proof every single page so there might be a few errors (mostly in
>tables, and command syntaxes trees).
>the reference guide is now built by converting the existing pod
>documention to xml.  however, the indexing information was lost during
>the initial pod conversion.  someone we will need to try to get that back.
>the quick start unix guide would probably be the easiest to update.
>it needs the updated  instructions from README shipped with the current
>release of openafs integrated.
>In message
>ick J Brashear writes:
>>Russ Allbery has been coordinating documentation work. Please talk to him 
>>before you start on something if you'd like to avoid duplicating effort.
>>As to unit tests, that's an open question. We should probably start a 
>>discussion on openafs-devel about it
>>On Sat, 7 Apr 2007, Jason Edgecombe wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> There is nothing on the web site about how to 
>>> volunteer for the openafs project.
>>> I sincerely think that OpenAfs rocks, but I worry 
>>> about the vitality or the perceived vitality of 
>>> the community. I think that the best way for me to 
>>> fight that is to help make OpenAfs better.
>>> I would like to help with documentation and 
>>> writing of automated tests.
>>> How can I contribute to the documentation? Where 
>>> is the source? What is the preferred format?
>>> Russ said in 
>>> http://www.openafs.org/pipermail/openafs-info/2006-October/024061.html 
>>> that the documentation needs to be converted to 
>>> Pod/docbook. How can I help?
>>> I would also like to start writing automated tests 
>>> to help. I prefer Perl or Ruby. My C/C++ is rusty. 
>>> How should I go about doing that?
>>> I might possibly tackle a setup wizard or a vmware 
>>> appliance after I work on the docs. Comments?
>>> Sincerely,
>>> Jason
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