[OpenAFS] Maximum # of users

dotmatt dotmatt@gmail.com
Mon, 9 Apr 2007 18:27:33 -0400

  I have a .edu environment with a single Kerberos realm (MIT Krb5, no
Krb4) with ~70,000 principals.  I'm not sure I have my terminology
right, but what is the maximum number of pts user entries I can
allocate in a single AFS cell?

I'm thinking about deploying a single AFS cell, where each user's pts
entry id matches the existing numeric ID (integer, non-reassignable,
currently our highest is around 100,000, currently used for Posix UIDs
across many Linux systems).  Is this possible?  I keep seeing
reference to 32,768 as a maximum pts id number -- is that correct?  If
this is not possible, what other options would you all recommend?  AFS
seems to fit all my needs (Krb5 authentication, Unix hosted, virtual
filesystem, horizontally scalable), as long as all 70,000 users can
share files securely with all other users.

I'm sure this info is posted somewhere, but I have not yet stumbled
upon the magic google-cantation to reveal it to me.  Please point me
to the correct documentation if it exists, with a well thumped RTM as

Thank you all,