[OpenAFS] asetkey: failed to set key, code 70354694

Ken Hornstein kenh@cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Mon, 09 Apr 2007 22:51:09 -0400

>> This probably isn't good in the general case, but can't asetkey simply
>> exec translate_et itself when an AFS error is encountered?  Or is that a
>> really bad idea?
>Ask Ken what I think of the exec method.

Translation: Derrick will piss and moan about it for a few years, but
eventually stop ... or you will learn to ignore it, I can't really
tell the difference anymore :-)

I am not particularly in love with the idea of exec'ing translate_et just
to translate errors for asetkey ... the people who run that SHOULD be able
to just run translate_et for themselves (although somehow that doesn't
seem to be the case).  If we can provide a useful error we should try
(or at least issue a message saying "run translate_et to determine the
error").  That would argue toward linking against the Kerberos com_err
library, though.