[OpenAFS] Could not start transaction

Ron Croonenberg ronc@depauw.edu
Wed, 11 Apr 2007 12:31:13 -0400

ok this is what I am trying to do

/usr/sbin/vos dump -id 536872008 -f /data/afs-dump/test.tst -server
afs-1 -partition /vicepa -cell csc.depauw.edu -localauth

and I have root in the file /usr/afs/etc/UserList

That should work, when I execute that as root, right ?

But I am getting these errors:
Could not start transaction on the volume 536872008 to be dumped
   VOLSER: permission denied, not a super user
VOLSER: permission denied, not a super user
Error in vos dump command.
VOLSER: permission denied, not a super user

>> well I have root as a user in /usr/afs/etc/UserList but I still see that
>> problem when I try to execute that script.
>> (It works on another machine).
>> Is userList in the right location ?
> and you have a kerberos (afs) user named root??
> That's the right location if you have a transarc paths install. If not,
> well, log into the server in question and use bos listuser and bos
> adduser with -localauth
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