[OpenAFS] getting started?

Zach netrek@gmail.com
Sun, 22 Apr 2007 18:10:54 -0400


I have an AFS account which I've been accessing via ssh, I figured it
would be cool and convenient to access my remote AFS account locally
on my machine so in Debian I installed the packages  openafs-client

However upon installation all it asked me was the cell name (I entered
club.cc.cmu.edu) and if I wanted the contents of /afs dynamically
generated (i entered yes). It did not ask me another else such as my
username or password nor did it ask anything about the Kerberos. So
could someone tell me what I should do next to get this working. I ran
"dpkg -L openafs-client" and there are MANY binary files so I don't
know exactly how I should configure AFS.

Thank you,