[OpenAFS] getting recent openafs on suse desktop 10.2

Martin Lutken mlu@danware.dk
Mon, 23 Apr 2007 11:15:25 +0200

In order for OpenAFS to compile (latest versions at least) you should first=
navigate to /usr/src/linux (symlink to our current kernel source, You might=
need to install it with Yast first).

*** In the linux kernel directory ***
/usr/src/linux # make cloneconfig
/usr/src/linux # make prepare

Perhaps you even need to build the whole kernel.
(But I don't believe it's necessary)

*** Then compile OpenAFS ***
# ./configure --enable-transarc-paths --enable-supergroups --enable-namei-f=
ileserver --enable-largefile-fileserver --with-krb5-conf=3D/usr/lib/mit/bin=
/krb5-config --with-linux-kernel-headers=3D/usr/src/linux --enable-fast-res=
tart --enable-bitmap-later
# make
# make install

*** Client kernel module 'sunrpc' ***
Before using modprobe/insmod on the libafs kernel module you=20
need to install the 'sunrpc' module into the kernel. If not=20
you will get an undefined symbol error message.
# modprobe sunrpc
# insmod /usr/local/lib/openafs/libafs-

Note that your actual kernel version number might be different.

Hope it works!

=2DMartin L=FCtken

On Sunday 22 April 2007 21:34, Marcel Steinke wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 19. April 2007 19:57 schrieb David Bear:
> > Novell/suse is not packaging openafs with the opensuse desktop.
> >
> > Anyone have recommendations as to the easiest way to get openafs
> > running on opensuse? In the past I've had trouble making rpm's work
> > that were not made for suse.
> >
> > And I've never been able to get openafs to compile on suse (guess I
> > don't know enough about tracking down all the libs and dependancies )
> >
> > I'm open to counsel.
> Some older RPM (1.4.2) are available at the opensuse build Service.
> http://software.opensuse.org/download/home:/mge1512/openSUSE_10.2/
> I tried to build 1.4.4 in combination with the specs from this src.rpm, b=
> failed.
> I have another Problem compiling these packages on a PPC64.