[OpenAFS] renaming principals (Was: One of my users has married - what to do? )

Ken Hornstein kenh@cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Mon, 30 Apr 2007 00:30:41 -0400

>For us (iastate), they can certainly log into the unix account within a
>few minutes, if moira's incrementals aren't sadly swamped.

So how do you synchronize with the meatware? (the user who's getting
the rename).  That was really the point of that paragraph.  I'm not
considering the case of renaming all your users on Friday afternoon :-)

Here's my typical scenario: the user tells me (via phone, in person,
whatever), they need a rename.  I tell them back, "okay, pick a new
password".  I do all my backend magic (by whatever means you want)
and we're done.  Doesn't matter if I use Moira, hand-editing the
password file, or whatever.  Although it will be less typing with Moira.

Like I said, if you're doing this all of the time, you'd probably
want to streamline it a lot and perhaps avoid the password change;
that's fine.  Clearly the ORIGINAL person who posted this question
wasn't doing a lot of renames.