[OpenAFS] Cell migration

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen@acm.org
Sun, 1 Jul 2007 06:50:57 -0500

Gérald Macinenti <gerald.macinenti@letitwave.fr> wrote:
> would it be an option to simply rsync AFS partitions *.vol from the
> old to the new server and then copy the vldb.* files from the old to
> the new server ?

I have not tried this, but it should work, in theory.  For best results, 
you should bos stop the fileserver instance (and prevent anyone from 
modifying the AFS files.)

Do you need to keep the current cell up while you are moving things?

> would it be another option to have a simple fileserver added to both
> administrative servers (with the same cell name??) and migrate volumes
> with a vos move from old to this fs then move from this fs to new?

AFAIK, its not possible to have a fileserver in multiple cells.  And 
even if it were possible, it would be seriously complicated by the fact 
that both of your cells have the same name.

You could use an additional fileserver as a temporary copy though.  This 
would even allow you to keep the data on the current server.

1) add new AFS fileserver only to current cell
2) vos copy volumes from current server to this temp server
3) shutdown the AFS processes on the temp server
4) delete sysid file, and modify KeyFile and CellServDB to point to new 
5) vos move data from fileserver to new AFS DB server in new cell.

You then have two copies of data (assuming no one changed anything while 
you were doing all this.)

How much data do you have to move?


You can join #openafs on the Freenode IRC network for some additional 
discussion on this.