[OpenAFS] Cell migration

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen@acm.org
Sun, 1 Jul 2007 16:23:58 -0500

Gérald Macinenti <gerald.macinenti@letitwave.fr> wrote:
> Christopher D. Clausen a écrit :
>> Or did you already change things and just make this server
>> a fileserver only in your original cell?
> second option, I already tried to follow your advices (sorry for being
> so quick ;)), so the situation is:
> * my good old Kerberos/AFS server with AFS administrative databases +
> all my users volumes and so on, running 1.2.11
> * a brand new OpenAFS 1.4.4 server with bos server running, done an
> asetkey using "good old" server keytab, then done a bos create fs fs
> ..., CellServDB and ThisCell pointing to the "good old" cell and
> server
> what I was expecting is adding this new fileserver only to my cell to
> do the vos addsite (or copy or move) as advised, then I encountered
> the problem with the volserver not reponding...

You really should have just copied the KeyFile.  And NOT try and use 
asetkey again.  This is likely what broke things for you.  Do your 
server keys match?  Check through the AFS server logs on the original 
"good old" server to see what is going on.  And make sure all your 
CellServDB files are indeed pointing at the "good old" one.

There are all kinds of things that could be messed up now.  Shutdown the 
new fileserver and get the "good old" one working again.  Then copy the 
KeyFile and turn on the new fileserver.


I'd still recomend the #openafs channel on Freenode IRC instead of 
waiting between emails.