[OpenAFS] Vista, OpenAFS 1.5.20, Cisco VPN - AFS dead

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Tue, 03 Jul 2007 22:23:37 +0200

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Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> patrick daniels wrote:
>> I suspect your problem is in trying to initiate the AFS session PRIOR =
>> the VPN connection.  Or, at least it's a point to start trouble-shooti=
> There is no reason why the AFS service must be started after the VPN
> when Freelance mode is used.  You can always access \\AFS\all even when
> the laptop has no network.

Is this even true for "not freelance mode" ?

To be more specific:
I start my vista, obtain my token and work with no problem in my local ne=
But I needed to test something in a private, secure network.

So I started the cisco VPn client and connected to the private net.
to be sure: the private net has NO connect to the "internet" and any AFS
cell, its firewalled.
But after I successfully connected to the private net via VPN, I could
not reach anything (DNS was gone).
So I closed the VPN connection and was in my local net with "normal"
internet as usual.
But I see, I lost my token (key sign was with the red symbol in tray).
I tried to open the "obtain token" dialogue, and nothing happened.
After some time I got the window and typed in my data. And now it seemed
to hung, nothing happend, as if client was dead, after some time I got a
error (sorry, I need to write it down next time).
So I needed to stop and restart the service to get it working again.

I assumed OpenAFS connect to the AFS private local-loopback network
10.254.* on every disconnect, and it works flawless, but maybe some
timing here is evil.

btw, I see that specific error sometimes after I changed the wlan and
laptop was in "sleepmode". So far timing issues seems it to be.

> Jeffrey Altman
> Secure Endpoints Inc.

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