[OpenAFS] Full disk woes

Sean O'Malley omalleys@msu.edu
Fri, 6 Jul 2007 14:01:42 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 6 Jul 2007, Steve Devine wrote:

> Ok in the end we killed all vos commands to that server and restarted
> the Bosserver- volserver.
> Then we were able to vos remove the RO vols I stupidly put on there in
> the first place.
> Ran salvager on some horked vols and so far so good.

Just for documentation sake it was more like:

bos stop backupsys
vos unlock volume (in case any were still locked at the time..)

bos restart -server fileserver -instance fs (used strace/truss to
see it was volserver was dead ..fileserver was still hung.. and I may
have just killed volserver and restarted the fileserver.)
vos remsite (remove replication sites to free up space)
vos syncserv fileserver -partition vicepa (sync partition with vldb not
sure it is needed..)
bos salvage -server fileserver -tmpdir /tmp -oktozap* -partition /vicepa
vos zap -server fileserver -partition vicepa (whatever volumes you did
remsite to. I think oktozap with the bos salvage command is the same thing..)
bos restart -server -instance fs
vos listvol -serv fileserver -part vicepa  (make sure everything is back
online correctly, if not, then fix problems..)

bos start backupsys

That is as close as I can document as my command history wasnt long
enough.. :)


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  Michigan State University