[OpenAFS] GCPAGs = 8

Nate Gordon nlgordon@gmail.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2007 15:57:19 -0500

I'm currently trying to debug some mysterious server crashes and am
curious about how the sysctl var afs.GCPAGs works.  From what I've
gleaned from the archives/code is that GCPAGs = 1 allows the garbage
collection of pags, anything else prevents it.  Is this correct?  Next
why would my GCPAGs be set to EPROCWALK and/or how can I do some more
debugging to determine the nature of the problem?  I've read through
the one spot in the source that sets that and it seems that it failed
to dig through the process table and mark in use pags.

I specifically set it to be 1 when afs starts up, so something is changing it.

Thanks in advance,

-Nathan Gordon

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