[OpenAFS] OpenAFS + Kerb5: lifetimes

Jeff Blaine jblaine@kickflop.net
Thu, 12 Jul 2007 16:23:25 -0400

I'm using OpenAFS 1.4.3, pam_afs_session, and pam_krb5 from
Russ Alberry.  Can anyone shed light on why my tickets and
tokens have only a 24hr lifetime?

kadmin.local:  getprinc jblaine
Principal: jblaine@RCF.MITRE.ORG
Expiration date: [never]
Last password change: Mon Apr 23 14:50:16 EDT 2007
Password expiration date: [none]
Maximum ticket life: 7 days 00:00:00
Maximum renewable life: 0 days 00:00:00
Last modified: Tue May 01 14:32:01 EDT 2007 (root/admin@RCF.MITRE.ORG)
Last successful authentication: [never]
Last failed authentication: [never]
Failed password attempts: 0
Number of keys: 2
Key: vno 1, Triple DES cbc mode with HMAC/sha1, no salt
Key: vno 1, DES cbc mode with CRC-32, no salt
Policy: [none]