[OpenAFS] Feature request, sort of

Steve Simmons scs@umich.edu
Tue, 17 Jul 2007 13:32:39 -0400

This actually works, but results in whiny messages from AFS when you  
do vos examines. After some thought, I think the right direction is  
to have a different 'type' of read-only volume.

The problem - users writing into restored volumes.

The solution - make restore volumes read-only.

The method - when a user requests a restore, we restore the entire  
volume from a given data and mount it in the user home dir as RESTORE. 
20YYMMDD. We use disk-based backups, so the restore process is  
something like:

  # vos res server p user.name.YYMMDD -file full.dumpfile -overwrite  
full -readonly
  # vos res server p user.name.YYMMDD -file incr.dumpfile -overwrite  
incremental -readonly

This works quite well for our purpose, but if you do a 'vos examine  
user.name.YYMMDD' you get

Volume user.elevina.070702 does not exist in VLDB

Dump only information from VLDB

     ROnly: 1957000289
     number of sites -> 1
        server afs31.ifs.umich.edu partition /vicepb RO Site

I'm open to suggestions on just how to implement this.