[OpenAFS] don't get \\afs UNC server, get \\hostname-afs instead

Dan Pritts danno@internet2.edu
Tue, 24 Jul 2007 17:34:30 -0400

This is on a freshly imaged machine that had the client installed in the
image; "sysprep" was apparently run on the original before running ghost.

system is XP, client is 1.5.20.  IBM thinkpad T30.

instead of \\afs i get \\uglyhostname-afs

loopback adapter's IP address is in \windows\system\drivers\etc\hosts with
"AFS" as name.

changing the system hostname changes the unc server name to

Uninstalling & reinstalling 1.5.20 fixed the problem.  I intend to upgrade
to 1.5.21, but wanted to try the same version.  I'm willing to believe
I missed something but I don't see anything that looks relevant in the
1.5.20 changelog.

didn't see this in the docs or mailing list anywhere; did see some
mention of the hosts file entry on the list.

The Release Notes mention the need to not clone your AFSCache file (which
i'm not sure is happening correctly as part of the clone process; is this
related?).  I got another freshly cloned machine and stopped afs service,
deleted the afscache file, and started afs service; this didn't change
this behavior.


aside: are there any other gotchas w/r/t system imaging?

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