[OpenAFS] Upgrade/platform swap (Solaris 8 1.2.11 -> Linux 1.4.2)

rob@oit.duke.edu rob@oit.duke.edu
Sun, 04 Mar 2007 12:20:34 -0500

We currently operate an AFS cell that comprises nine Linux-based fileservers
(all running OpenAFS 1.4.2) and three Solaris 8 database servers (all running
OpenAFS 1.2.11).  We're hoping to complete the upgrade of the cell to OpenAFS
1.4.2 this week by replacing the existing database servers with new Linux

Our plan is to bring down one existing database server, wait for the other two
db servers to re-establish their quorum, then assign the old server's IP
address to the new system, bring the new server up, and wait for the new
server to acquire copies of the cell databases and for the three to establish
a new quorum.  Assuming that goes as planned, we'll repeat the process with a
second server a day later and finally with the third server another day later
to complete the upgrade.  We're anticipating no actual downtime for the cell
-- just some potential slow responses while quorum elections happen.

Does that process seem reasonable?  Has anyone run into problems either with
upgrades of this sort from 1.2.x to 1.4.x database servers, or with operating
cells with a mixture of Solaris/Linux or 1.2.x/1.4.x database servers?

--Thanks for any suggestions!--

Rob Carter
Duke University OIT-CSI-Systems
Where caffeine goes when it dies...