[OpenAFS] Passwordless login through ssh on krb5/afs enabled workstation.

Alexander Al alexander@scred.nl
Thu, 08 Mar 2007 16:23:30 +0100

Jim Rees wrote:
> Alexander Al wrote:
>   I'll tell the user : "can't" (because he is connecting from outside.)
> That's the wrong answer.  This should go in a FAQ somewhere.  You just need
> to make the public key world readable.  That's difficult because ssh wants
> to put public and private keys both in the same directory, and afs puts the
> same acls on all files in a directory.  But with creative use of symlinks it
> can certainly be done.
> Here is how I do it.  It's not the only way, maybe not the best way, but it
> works for me.

Ok. Sounds cool. (really, for me it should work)

And now for 3500 users? :)


Alexander Al
Leiden, Die Niederlande