[OpenAFS] volume problems

Alexander Al alexander@scred.nl
Fri, 09 Mar 2007 09:51:57 +0100


Because I'm compacting the old AFS-system I am moving volumes from one
server to antoher (goal: turning of the obsolete server) but now I've
got this problem:

[root@afs1 afsm]# vos move -id user.zp.id -froms nauru -fromp a -tos
rose -top c

Failed to move data for the volume 536912068
   VOLSER:  Problems encountered in reading the dump file !
vos move: operation interrupted, cleanup in progress...
clear transaction contexts
move incomplete - attempt cleanup of target partition - no guarantee
cleanup complete - user verify desired result

When I do a vos examine user.zp.id I get:
[root@cpafs1 afsm]# vos examine 536912068
user.zp.id                   536912068 RW     200454 K  On-line
    nauru.xxx.xxx.nl /vicepa
    RWrite  536912066 ROnly  537477439 Backup  536912068
    MaxQuota     200000 K
    Creation    Tue Jul  1 10:58:11 2003
    Last Update Sat Mar  3 11:01:00 2007
    116546 accesses in the past day (i.e., vnode references)

    RWrite: 536912068     Backup: 536912070
    number of sites -> 1
       server nauru.xxx.xxx.nl partition /vicepa RW Site

So That's ok, you would say. But when I'm going in the volume
and I look into the directory rh9.old and I'm doing a cp -fr
I'll get:

cp: cannot stat `.ICEauthority': No such file or directory
cp: cannot stat `.mcoprc': No such file or directory

and some more of this errors.

How can I repair this volume so I can move it, or do I have
to copy the readable stuff into a new one?


Alexander Al
Leiden, Die Niederlande