[OpenAFS] jafs et al

Peter Somogyi psomogyi@gamax.hu
Tue, 13 Mar 2007 12:08:52 +0100

> Yes.  What I started with is the java support in 1.5.15, which
> already includes all 3 of your patches.
Okay, I made jafs working on openafs-1.4.0 + java-1.4.2, and unfortunately 
haven't got timeframe to maintain it, I just let you know my exp.

> I have already found older google messages - they were helpful in
> terms of understanding my more stupid mistakes, like
> -DSystem.loadLibrary=.  I haven't seen anything that suggests
> anybody is actually using jafs for anything real.
We were using it for admin purposes. 

> Following is the patch I worked up to build on amd64_linux
> + sun jdk 1.5:
> 	/afs/umich.edu/group/itd/build/mdw/tmp/afs-m40-java.patch
> the start explains what changed.  This is probably almost clean
> enough to submit as a patch to RT -- except I'm not convinced it
> actually works or would be of use.  Note this doesn't address kaserver
See also testAFS.java, it should run without error with a basic afs setup. 
(covers mainly those funcs I needed that time)

> vs. k5 at all.  It does further address 64-bit problems, and also
I've never tried k5 stuff.

> one linking/threading issue.
> Your patch turned on pic code for (nearly) all of openafs.  This isn't
> necessarily ideal, nor is it (mostly) necessary.  There's a performance
> loss in statically linked binaries that might bother people running
> servers built that way.  The patch I have above turns pic code for
> libuafs & libadmin, and builds pic static libraries for libafsrpc &
> libafsauthent.  This is probably not ideal either, but at least
> it's different.
IIRC I had problems on platforms like ppc[64] and s390x with pic stuff (one 
crashes runtime if you don't turn on pic, other didn't allow mixing pic and 
non-pic or something like that). So please modify _only_ that platform which 
you are testing.