[OpenAFS] NetRestrict

Steve Devine sdevine@msu.edu
Wed, 14 Mar 2007 09:57:32 -0400

Derrick J Brashear wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, Steve Devine wrote:
>> Environment:
>> Volserver is OpenAFS 1.4.2 built  2007-02-19
>> OS is Suse 10.2
>> Server has an Iscsi enclosure on a private ip address (
>> I put NetRestrict file in place in /usr/afs/local/
>> inside file I put one line "" Hoping to cover entire 
>> subnet.
> It doesn't work that way.
> I must have read this wrong then:
The *NetRestrict* file is in ASCII format. One IP address appears on 
each line, in dotted decimal format. The order of the addresses is not 
significant. The value *255* is a wildcard that represents all possible 
addresses in that field. For example, the value ** 
indicates that the Cache Manager does not register any of the addresses 
in the *192.12.105* subnet.

>> restart bosserver  move a volume over and when I run
>> vos listaddr it lists
>> If I repeat the same expireiment  moving the volume off the server 
>> and deleting the address from the VLDB then only explicitly declaring 
>>, moving volume back on server, restarting bosserver it 
>> fails as well.
>> So does the NetInfo file have to exist as well to fix this.
> Possibly, but I thought masking the address was sufficient.
> Some relevant fixes are in 1.4.3
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