[OpenAFS] unix owner/group of files in AFS

Adam Megacz megacz@cs.berkeley.edu
Mon, 19 Mar 2007 18:20:52 -0700

Just wondering... is the Administrator guide's documentation of how
AFS uses the mode bits complete and up-to-date?


It doesn't seem to cover:

  1. sticky bit
       - AFS stores this, but does it have any effect?

  2. setuid/setgid bits 
       - as of 1.4.4, these are ignored unless "fs setcell" otherwise

  3. any additional meaning given to the unix owner/group of a file
       - For example, the PTS identity which is numerically equal to
         the owner userid of the root directory of a volume has
         implicit "a" rights on the volume.
       - others?

Apparently, "chown" and "chgrp" will do the wrong thing if the numeric
userids in /etc/passwd do not match those in pts.  I'm trying to
determine whether or not this really matters in a cell where all
clients ignore setuid/setgid and the admins never chown the root
directories of any of the volumes (the default owner seems to be

Are there any tools out there for automatically updating /etc/passwd
using the output from "pts listentries" or equivalent?

  - a

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