[OpenAFS] mixed success with (latest) OpenAFS on Windows

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Tue, 27 Mar 2007 10:45:10 +0200

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I just want to write some experiences I got last weeks.
First: The PC last mentioned was totaly upset, not AFS fault. Set it up
completly new.
Now OpenAFS and MIT krb5 3.1 for windows seems to work.
For bad sake, users don=B4t obtain tokens automaticly. I setup krb.ini as
on other PCs, I setup our cgv.tugraz.at cell as default, all I get is a
"access error XXX" while trying to logging in (local users).
After I logged in, sometimes the "get AFS tokens" screen appears,
sometimes not. If not, I need to start Authentication from start menu to
grab a token. I don=B4t know where to step in for better experience on
that PC.
After I/the users got the token, everything works fine so far, even
Office 2007, no problem.
Once I had the problem with OpenAFS authentication screen didn=B4t
appeared, but I installed some software before and didn=B4t restarted win=

On my vista laptop I=B4m nearly depressed.
I don=B4t activated "get token at login" and the authentication screen
appears every time I login and I=B4m able to grab a token.
But after the sleep mode sometimes OpenAFS break down and won=B4t come
back. Even stopping and starting the openafs service doesn=B4t do
anything. Only reboot resolves that problem.
Maybe the wlan drivers are not well enough (sometimes vista doesn=B4t fin=
the net although just 1m away from router), maybe switching wlans in
sleep mode isn=B4t best for OpenAFS.

On the other side, Debian 1.4.2-6 packages are working fine as server
and client and no problem on that side.
Although with etch the pam configuration is tricky. In a etch-only
enviroment the ticket forwarding works perfectly, but from sarge to
etch, its tricky.

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