[OpenAFS] Backup methods

Gert Burger gburger@cs.up.ac.za
Fri, 30 Mar 2007 13:52:58 +0200

Brian Sebby wrote:
> The only software that I'm aware of that currently supports AFS backups 
> natively is TIBS.  Veritas NetBackup used to support AFS, but they officially
> discontinued support a couple of versions ago (although the plugin continues
> to work for now).
> The main issue in backing up AFS is that you need to preserve the ACLs that
> are stored in the directory structure - if you just back it up as files
> you're going to lose that.
> What we do (and I suspect many others) is to use the command 'vos dump' to
> dump each volume to a disk file that contains the ACL information.  The
> downside to this is that you don't have file backups from AFS - just volume
> backups.  To get the names of the volumes to dump, I use the 'vos backupsys'
> command to create .backup volumes of all of my volumes at a certain time of
> day (usually 4am), and then have a script parse the output of the
> 'vos listvol' command to find all the backup volumes and back those up.
> I could send you the script if you're interested, but I'd need to clean it
> up first - it contains some site-specific stuff that I'd need to remove.
> Brian
> On Thu, Mar 29, 2007 at 10:07:42AM +0200, Gert Burger wrote:
>> Morning
>> We are currently switching to openafs but are concerned about how to 
>> backup our data.
>> Our current setup uses bacula to backup all our data to a central server 
>> which stores incrementals/differentials and full backups for up to 2 months.
>> We would like to continue using it when all our users(Over 4000) have 
>> been moved to openafs.
>> Any ideas?
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My problem with dumping a volume and doing a backup of that is that it 
seems difficult to do incrementals.
We only have enough space for about 3x the amount of data we on our 
backup server and we dont use tapes at all. Therefore we need to 
optimize our disk space usage so that we can keep daily incrementals for 
up to a month(We do a full backup monthly).

Currently I am considering just to backup the files and lose the ACL's, 
seeing as we wont have complicated ACLs in anycase.

Thanks for all the responses.

Gert Burger
Computer Science Department
University of Pretoria