[OpenAFS] Re: coreutils-6.11 released

Adam Megacz megacz@hcoop.net
Mon, 21 Apr 2008 12:14:30 -0700

Didi <ribalba@gmail.com> writes:
> the main problem is that through this the 'groups'
> command becomes utterly useless and confused quite a lot of users.
> $ groups
> users id: cannot find name for group ID 1091323188

If you would like that numeric groupid to resolve to some alphanumeric
group name, the right way to do that is to use the NSS:


> If someone can provide code to determine efficiently whether a
> nameless GID is a PAG then we can probably make everyone happy.

The code you are looking for appears in libnss-afs, but it is based on
assumptions that are only valid on a system known to be running the
OpenAFS client.

In other words, unless coreutils somehow detects the presence of the
OpenAFS client (pioctls?), it probably shouldn't be trying to guess at
what is or isn't a PAG GID the way libnss-afs does.

  - a