[OpenAFS] Windows 1.5.5101 submount problem

Daniel Blakeley daniel@ccmr.cornell.edu
Tue, 05 Aug 2008 14:28:55 -0400


I've installed the OpenAfs 1.5.5101 client on several machines and all 
of the them are now having trouble mapping AFS drives.  In the AFS 
client window I pick add and pick a drive letter and a path and it looks 
okay.  I then go and look at it with Windows explorer and looks okay 
until I select it.  When nothing comes up.   Going back to the AFS 
Client window it will say something like M: \afs\X.  Where X is a random 
character.  Anything past \afs seems to be truncated to one character.  
Is this just my machines?

- Daniel

Daniel Blakeley     
Cornell Center for Materials Research
635 Clark Hall 
Ithaca NY 14853