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Matt Benjamin matt@linuxbox.com
Thu, 07 Aug 2008 17:24:51 -0400

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Jeffrey Altman wrote:
| Matt:
| You can update any ticket in RT by sending e-mail to
| openafs-bugs@openafs.org with
|  [grand.central.org #89557]
| anywhere in the subject line.

Oh, duh.  Thanks.

Replace the rx clones ticket number with
| another ticket
| number if you wish to update another ticket.

That's not how it should work.  Please make a note to fix this the right
way at some time when it doesn't present in an inconvenience, deadlines,

| In conversations with Derrick regarding this work, Derrick has pointed
| out that
| an assumption has been made that I have performed a thorough architectural
| review of the RX library to determine what must be done to safely
| clones.  I have not done such a review.  My original post creating 89557
| was
| simply a rough sketch of an idea.  My review of your work pointed out
| specific
| issues that I had uncovered.  However, I did not perform an examination of
| each and every member of the rx_connection and rx_call data structure to
| determine what should be done with it in the case of cloning.   It was
| my hope
| that Tom would have had more time on his plate to review the design and
| implementation and point out additional places where issues would be

I can probably get some feedback from Marcus, as well, but I see the
issue here.  I'm not pushing anyone.

| Thank you for your continued work on this project.  I will review the code
| when I have time.  I am currently under several deadlines related to the
| native file system client so that it can be ready for testing at
| Microsoft next
| week.
| Jeffrey Altman

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