[OpenAFS] Re-using Drive on New Server

Jason C. Wells jcw@highperformance.net
Fri, 08 Aug 2008 10:43:31 -0700

I have created a new Openafs server using Debian.  I have moved the 
physical drive containing the AFS partitions and volumes into the new 
server.  I have mounted the partitions /vicepa and /vicepb.  vos listvol 
shows 3 offLine volumes on /vicepa and 9 offLine volumes on /vicepb.

I didn't grab a list of volumes/mountpoints before I retired the old server.

Is there a method to remount the volumes to their mount points?  Is 
there a method to discover the name of the volume?  If I new that, I'd 
be in business since the names and the mountpoints were closely related.

If there were a file similar to fstab, then I would just use that to 
remount my volumes in the correct mount points.

I recall someone advised me to establish the new server and replicate 
the old server.  Thanks!  That was good advice.  I might just go spend 
some dough on a new disc and rebuild the old server to do that if no one 
can get my new server up as it is right now.