[OpenAFS] Re-using Drive on New Server

Jason C. Wells jcw@highperformance.net
Fri, 08 Aug 2008 22:11:00 -0700

Steven Jenkins wrote:

> Those will need to be salvaged via bos salvage.
> vos listvldb -server $old-server
> vos syncvldb -server $new-server

This definitely got me going in the right direction.  Thanks!  I ended 
up having to issue 'vos changeloc' to get the vldb to recognize the new 
location of the volumes.  That might have been due to an error on my 
part though.

I was a little confused by the vos functions shown above.  They behaved 
differently depending on whether they were issued from the new-server or 
the old-server.  The confusing part is that the VLLog showed the 
databases sync occurred, but the locations still showed as the 
old-server.  'Vos changeloc' fixed all that, but was mildly tedious.

There is a wealth of functionality in AFS.  I opine that software from 
CMU heritage are overly complicated.  After I come to learn them better, 
I see why they are the way they are.  Still, they are quite complex.

My new Debian server is up and running.  Don't tell my FreeBSD friends, 
but I might have to switch my desktop to Debian. The OpenAFS client 
would be the reason.