[OpenAFS] Recovering data from volumes after loss of cell

Jason Edgecombe jason@rampaginggeek.com
Sun, 17 Aug 2008 20:34:46 -0400

Yes, you can install a new afs server with the old disks, then run "vos
syncvldb" as an AFS admin  to import all of the old volumes in to the
new server. That's probably your best bet. It's even better if you have
the KeyFile from the old server, but I don't believe that is necessary.

voldump is created in the src/volser directory in CVS. at worst, you can
download the cvs tree and compile it.

I doubt there is windows version of voldump. Even so, I wouldn't trust
the ext2/3 drivers for windows.

Be careful about copying AFS partition data around. I'd give it a 95%
change that you're using a namei server and OK, but if it was compiled
as inode, then copying the vicep data will make the copy corrupt.

Another useful fact, the fileserver will not normall mount the /vicep*
folder unless there are located on their own filesystems/partitions. You
can force the fileserver to mount a /vicep* folder by running "touch


Richard Eggert wrote:
> Thanks for the quick feedback.
> Is there a way to set up the server to use the existing volume files, or do
> I have to use voldump?  If the latter is the case, then is there a Windows
> version of voldump (I haven't been able to find it after installing on my
> Windows desktop), or do I have to use Linux (which I can do, but for some
> reason SuSe isn't recognizing that the disk is attached, so I'd have to use
> a roundabout method to copy the files over to where SuSe can find them).
> Rich
> On Sun, Aug 17, 2008 at 4:32 PM, Harald Barth <haba@kth.se> wrote:
>>> data on them by attaching one of them to my desktop machine, but it's
>>> currently all in the form of numerically-numbered .vol files and
>>> cryptically-named directories and files.
>> My guess is that the fastet way to get back your files is to start a
>> very small AFS server install on your desktop.
>> Armin> If you run bosserver with -noauth you
>> Armin> should be able to skip the Kerberos setup.
>> All the servers can be run in noauth which should do if you firewall
>> yourself (like pulling the network cable during the operation).
>> Harald.