[OpenAFS] Win2K AFS server, mirror data+config to RHEL4.5 new Server?

Sergio Gelato Sergio.Gelato@astro.su.se
Wed, 20 Aug 2008 10:03:50 +0200

* Jason Edgecombe [2008-08-19 08:48:18 -0400]:
> avison48 wrote:
> > Is it possible to setup a secondary AFS server 'peer' or 'mirror'??
> > Does anyone know or can point to any info?
> > There is doc on how to build a secondary database server, but will that
> > have 'everything' to take over so the first server can be shut down?

> These instructions might help
> http://www.openafs.org/pages/doc/QuickStartUnix/auqbg006.htm#HDRWQ99
> You should add the SL4.5 box as an additional server. Install openafs,
> copy the keyfile over and start the daemons. Then you can move the
> volumes to the new server.

There may be a catch in his case, though: the ubik bug that came to
light in January 2004 (2^30 seconds after the UNIX epoch). What will
happen if his existing dbserver hasn't been patched?

> Ideally you should add two or three SL4.5 servers as fileserver/DB
> servers. Then you won't have an outage when you shutdown the win2k box.
> Plan:
> 1. add new servers as DB/file servers
> 2. Add new DB servers to CellServDB file on all clients
> 3. migrate volumes to new servers (vos move)
> 4. shutdown old server
> 5. remove old server IP from clients or set up a new box with the same
> IP as the win2k box.
> three is the recommended number of DB server so that you can still run
> vos commands when one server fails.  file access is still OK with one DB
> server active, but you can't vos move, create, ...
> For kerberos, you just need the AFS service principal and a kerberos
> account for the AFS admin user. Any other AFS users need kerberos
> principals as well, but getting the keytab for the AFS service principal
> from the kerberos admin is the critical thing. Getting the keytab should
> be unnecessary because you already have an AFS keyfile and I'm assuming
> you have an AFS account that has admin privilidges
> Sincerely,
> Jason