[OpenAFS] Ubik patch? (Re: Win2K AFS server, mirror data+config to RHEL4.5 new Server?)

avison48 avison48@yahoo.co.uk
Thu, 21 Aug 2008 10:55:32 +0000 (GMT)

Very much thanks to everyone for advice & feedback,=20
it is very helpful!

I beg your pardon, 'hacked' is the wrong word.=20
'Installed a translator' is probably more accurate.=20
Our Windows KDC admin said:

> The Windows DCs use krb5, possibly "embraced and=20
> enhanced" by Microsoft.
> The AFS server also has a krb4-krb5 translator to make=20
> it compatible with Windows.

Jeffrey Altman wrote

> A krb524 and/or a kaforwarder daemon must then be installed
> on the AFS server

Hmm, nothing like that is running on the Win2K server, but=20
everything works.

Thank you for the offer of help if we wish to stay with Windows=20
server, but we're content to try ScientificLinux instead.

> the ubik bug that came to light in January 2004 ...

> If the IBM AFS 3.5 servers have not been patched the=20
> dbservers will be unable to elect a master and it will not be=20
> possible to expand the cell.

That sounds bad.

How is it detected if the Win2K IBM AFS 3.5 server=20
has been patched? All its files in=20
C:\Program Files\IBM\AFS\Server\usr\afs\bin are dated
17 Aug 2001. C:\Program Files\IBM\AFS is all dated 18 Feb 2003.
So - likely unpatched.

The AFS server won't report its version info,=20
rxdebug -version says
AFS version: CML not accessible: No version information

> IBM did release updates to the Windows product since=20
> the ubik bug was fixed.

Where could one find this patch + instructions for installing it?

Sending much gratitude to you all!

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