[OpenAFS] Ubik patch? (Re: Win2K AFS server, mirror data+config to RHEL4.5 new Server?)

avison48 avison48@yahoo.co.uk
Thu, 21 Aug 2008 13:31:47 +0000 (GMT)

This doesn't appear to have made it to list so take 2
of sending. Apologies if it turns out a duplicate (with edits)

Very much thanks to everyone for helpful advice+feedback!

I beg your pardon, 'hacked' is the wrong word.
'Installed a translator' is probably more accurate.
Our Windows KDC admin said:

> The Windows DCs use krb5, possibly "embraced and enhanced"
> by Microsoft. The AFS server also has a krb4-krb5 translator
> to make it compatible with Windows.

Jeffrey Altman wrote

> A krb524 and/or a kaforwarder daemon must then be installed
> on the AFS server

Nothing like that running on Win2K server, but everything works.

Thank you for the offer of help if we wish to stay with Windows
server, but we are interesting to move to ScientificLinux.

> the ubik bug that came to light in January 2004 ...

> If the IBM AFS 3.5 servers have not been patched the
> dbservers will be unable to elect a master and it will=20
> not be possible to expand the cell.

That sounds bad.

How is it detected if the Win2K IBM AFS 3.5 server
has been patched? All its files in
C:\Program Files\IBM\AFS\Server\usr\afs\bin
are dated 17 Aug 2001.
C:\Program Files\IBM\AFS is all dated 18 Feb 2003.
Sounds likely unpatched then?

The AFS server console "About" says IBM AFS 3.5. The
documentation installed with the software on the Win2K server
says "AFS for Windows, Release Notes Version 3.6"
The AFS client info says 1.1.1a.

The AFS server won't report its version info,
rxdebug -version says
AFS version: CML not accessible: No version information

> IBM did release updates to the Windows product since the
> ubik bug was fixed.

Do you mean a patch for 3.5? Where could one find this?
There are many AFS 3.6 patches at IBM, but none for 3.5.

Is a 3.5 to 3.6 update (with patches) easy?
(where does one get 3.6?)

"3.5.patches.3/" is at
but dated Dec 1999. Nothing in that site is over 2001.
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